Please join us at our next monthly meeting, which is on the last Saturday of the month.

Our next meeting is:
Saturday, October 26 2019
2:00 - 4:00 PM
Dave's place

Draft Agenda:
* Urgent actions - letter writing
* Recruitment: 
    * what positions to seek first
    * where to post online 
    * what in-person outreach can we commit to? 
Supporting immigrants/refugees:
    * Refugee group report out - closing out formal partnership & keeping in touch with this family; what's next?
    * TBA
New member packet: 
    * We need a one-pager about our group:  our prisoner of conscience work, our work with refugees, Write4Rights, prison reform, lobbying, etc.  With a section on ways to plug in with various levels of commitment. 

Please email aiusa612 at for more info, like details on meeting venue.

All are welcome to attend our meetings, whether or not they choose to become members of Amnesty International. Some members carpool to meetings. To find out the location details and agenda for our next meeting, please use the contact information.