In addition to our monthly meetings where we write letters and plan, our Amnesty International East Bay Chapter hold various human rights events throughout the year. We lobby our representatives on various human rights issues, we table at concerts and in our neighborhoods to collect signatures, we put on educational events, we work with local organizations to raise awareness about human rights issues.

Tabling at Eastlake Music Festival
Saturday, 27 May 2017

We tabled at the Eastlake Music Festival on the south end of Lake Merritt.  We did this in 2016, it was a very successful form of outreach.

Write for rights: annual worldwide letter-writing for POCs

Noon to 5:00 pm
Saturday, December 10, 20166

The Crucible
1260 7th Street Oakland
CA 94607
(a short walk from West Oakland BART station)

This event was an incredible success!  We had more letters written than any other year in recent memory.  Thanks to all for their dedication and effort.

 CASEhand-written letters 
 Pre-printed letters
 Solidarity cards
 Azerbaijan 7 77 5
 Cameroon 6
 85 5
 Canada 4 76 0
 China 2 77 3
 Egypt 3 81 4
 Indonesia 2 77 4
 Iran 3 75 3
 Malawi 10 85 7
 3 75 5
 6 76 5
 USA (Peltier)
 5 76 5
USA (Snowden) 9 69 4
Petros Solomon family (not official AI case)
 0 0 2
USA (Manning, not official AI case) 0 0 1
 TOTAL 60 929 53

Every year, around Human Rights Day, we hold a "Write-a-thon" to generate hundreds of letters on behalf of Prisoners of Conscience and other individuals at risk around the world. This is part of Amnesty International's global Write For Rights campaign, started in 2007 by a local chapter in Poland. 

Our venue this year will be The Crucible , an arts education organization that fosters a collaboration of arts, industry, and community. We will be holding our W4R during their "Gifty" weekend, where dozens of leading artists, craftspeople, and Crucible faculty members will be selling their best hand-made pieces in a holiday celebration of local creative culture. 

We will be writing letters on behalf of the 12 cases featured in the campaign this year: 
We look forward to seeing you at the Crucible! 

Film Screening to Support California Proposition 62
"After Innocence"

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday, October 8, 2016

Oromo Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
100 Hacienda Ave.
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

Proposition 62 is the ballot question to end the death penalty in California.  Our group is working to support it.  Please join us to see a moving film, to learn more about the death penalty and Prop. 62, and to find out how you can help.

Aaron Owens will also be speaking.

2016 Events

* Tabling at East Lake Music Festival - May 28, 2015

Our group gathered petition signatures and educated voters about the 2016 ballot proposition to end the death penalty in California.  All with a shady tent and lovely Amnesty banner.  Here is some proof!



2015 Events

* Write4Rights 2015 public event
1 - 5pm, Sunday, 13 December
Espresso Roma
2960 College Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94705

We will take part in Amnesty's annual global Write4Rights event.  Amnesty has chosen 12 cases this year.  People around the world will write letters on their behalf.  You can register for the event and find it on a map by going to and entering zip code 94705, or visiting this link.

* Write4Rights 2015 event and holiday party 
5 pm, Saturday, 19 December
Elsie's home

Both events were a great success!  Thanks to all who took part.  Our letter totals were:

Case  Hand Written Form Letters Solidarity Cards   
Burkina Faso  8 5  
Congo  11  
El Salvador  7  5  0  
Greece  4  6  0  
Iran  3  4  3  
Malaysia  4  7  2  
Mexico  6  9  4  
Myanmar  8  7  7  
Saudi Arabia  8  9  8  
Syria  5  5  3  
Uzbekistan  5  4  3  
Louisiana, USA  8  8  5  
 TOTAL  77  74  42  

Past Events

  • 2014 Mid-Year Write for Rights redux - 1-5 pm, 3 May, Espresso Roma, Berkeley.